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Le Méridien
Le Méridien Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur
A prime dining experience at Le Méridien Kuala Lumpur “Prime Grill, Prime Wine, Prime Time” sums up and effectively captures the mood of a stimulating dining experience at Le Méridien Kuala Lumpur.

PRIME prides itself in serving only the finest imported beef, complemented with exquisite wine selections. Imaginative interior design with secluded sections enables diners the chance to see and be seen, or to be discreetly seated away from the crowd. PRIME also offers an innovative ‘private dining

Wines from around the world are featured and have been priced to represent some of the best value for wine enthusiasts in Kuala Lumpur. The extensive choice of wines is complemented by the presence of a highly experienced Wine Manager as well as a novel Sommelier’s Table where diners can taste wines before making their selection.

A large built to order show kitchen, fronted with a solid glass wall, provides diners with a visual experience of all aspects of the food preparation. The grill used for preparing steaks is supplemented by a flaming rotisserie, and PRIME is the only restaurant in town that offers guests the choice of having their steaks grilled on either imported charcoal or on lava stone.

The extensive menu features a large variety of steaks in different cuts. Australian and Japanese beef are featured, with the famous Wagyu beef guaranteed to provide the tenderest of steaks. PRIME also features Black Angus 200 days grain-fed steaks and Australian 120 and 80 day aged steaks. The restaurant also features premium beef from US.

A highly experienced team of female servers and male kitchen professionals has been assembled to ensure that product and service delivery is truly First Class. Coupled with soft Jazz Music throughout, this really will deliver “Prime Grill, Prime Wine, Prime Time” for PRIME’s guests, ensuring their return for more.