The Next Generation
Restaurant Management System

eat2eat is the largest independent supplier of dining reservation technology globally.We have a core focus on securing restaurants ownership over their diner data and their branding without compromising their ability to access aggregator sites for attracting diners.





About Us

12 years unstinting support to leading Global Hospitality Groups, the largest independent supplier of dining reservation technology world-wide.

After launching the first B2C dining portal in APAC in 2001, the company switched focus to its award winning B2B software platform, MaRc©, in 2007.

Clients include leading international hotel groups and fine dining establishments globally. We work best with organisations and restaurant groups focused on taking back control over their dining reservation channels from the aggregators and securing their data for internal use, in line with the latest global privacy protocols.

What we Offer


State of the Art Nex Gen technology


Global Distribution Service with key partners and other Aggregators


Intelligent Pricing


Ownership of your brand, your channels and your data


Delivering high quality applications and transformational capabilities to the world's largest hospitality providers.


The Power to Take Control and reward loyalty.
Extra data


Allow for operations to track key metrics through real time Key Analytical Information reports.

Data Management

Hands back control to the operators – decide in real time how to allocate inventory over owned channels and Aggregator sites.


On all channels including taking of deposits/pre-payments and releasing real time seating

Social Media

Flexibility on key channels – All social media options including enhanced WeChat features.


Features MaRc© Lite MaRc© Lite Plus MaRc© Enterprise
Real time dining reservation off all channels
Full Table Management System -- Full Full
Enchanced Guest Profile Management --
Online Booking Template Customization
Privacy Policy Customization
i-Pad Enabled --
Detailed Floor Plan Overview --
Add Reservation --
SMS Interface
Automated Email Confirmation
OTA Integration
Payment Gateway Interface
POS Interface --
Hosting Server Secure/Cloud Secure/Cloud Secure/On-Premise
Infrastructure Investment No/Cloud No/Cloud No/On-Premise
Database Server Maintenance Cost -- --
Web Cover Inventory Management
Table Inventory in sync with Online Covers -- --
Number of Users Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Setup, Training and Support Online Online Online/On-site
Connectivity Secure Web Secure Web Secure/On-Premise
Online Reservation Sync Realtime Realtime Realtime
Wifi Accessibility
Database Ownership Client Client Client
Offline Accessibility Mode (i-Pad)
Ability to offer payments by table location
Ability to display floor plan to choose tables --


Insights about industry trends and best practices

Sabre Hospitality Solutions

Advanced restaurant reservation and CRM capabilities from eat2eat now available to Sabre Hospitality Solutions Customers.

January 8 2019


Zomato partners with eat2eat to create a seamless table reservation experience at selected Marriott International's restaurants for users.

January 9 2019


OpenRice partners with eat2eat to create a seamless table reservation experience at selected restaurants for users.

October 7 2019